Our Services


We deliver a wide range of audit services and in delivering these Services, we share our clients’ objectives of credibility and transparency in financial reporting as each of our professional staff is committed to delivering reliable audit report. Furthermore, we also provide our clients with Value-adding, innovative and practical solutions to their problems. Our audit methodology has been designed to meet these above commitments and to facilitate audit quality, which also enhances independence and objectivity in reporting.

TAX MANAGEMENT SERVICES: (Corporate Taxation and Personal Income Tax Services)

All business organization needs to pay corporate tax and their employees have to pay personal income tax. Quite often, there is need to assist companies in their dealings with tax authorities to minimize their tax liabilities within their tax laws. We assist our clients through the following services:


We assist clients’ in obtaining its acceptance certificate for capital allowances purpose and this will drastically in turn reduce corporate tax liabilities to be paid by an entity at the end of the financial year to the government.


We offer the full range of consulting services to our clients in the private and public sectors of the economy, our consulting services are described below under the following headings.

      Management System & Services
  • IFRS/IPSAS Conversion, Training, Implementation Etc.
  • Obtainance of Pension Commission (PENCOM) Certificate
  • Obtainance of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Certificate
  • Obtainance of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Certificate
  • Obtainance of Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Certificate
  • Obtainance of Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) Certificate